Brand Spotlight-Funky Fluff

Welcome to our inaugural Brand Spotlight post!  We couldn’t be more pleased to work with Kathy and Tricia, the two Canadian moms behind Funky Fluff Cloth Diapers. They were kind enough to entertain us and answer all of our questions about running a successful business, being CEO moms and creating an internationally recognized brand.  Here’s what they had to say!

TCB: Tell us a bit about yourselves.

FF:We are both from Toronto area in Ontario, Canada and have lived here for a number of years.  Both of us got married and started our families in the city. Kathy and her husband Joe have two awesome boys who are 4 and 7 years old.  Kathy’s older son, Dexter, is a proud micro preemie who was born at 26 weeks and is her little fighter. Tricia has a wonderful hubby, Joel, who also does all the web support work for Funky Fluff.  She has two boys who are 7 and 4 years old and a little girl who is 18 months.  She has her hands full! Both of us spent over 10 years in the corporate world before starting our own business.  Tricia’s background is in graphic design and Kathy’s in human resources management. We have been very close friends for a long time. We got married the same year, and had our first two kids almost at the same time.  The only exception is Tricia’s little girl who arrived in 2013. We even worked for the same company at one point before starting Funky Fluff.  We also share babysitting responsibilities, as our little boys aren’t in school yet, so our boys are growing up together which is really sweet. We were friends long before starting Funky Fluff.

TCB:  So how did you meet and subsequently end up going into business together?

FF:  Our husbands have known each other since they were 4 years old and we met when we started dating them back in 2001.  The rest is history! We were friends for 10 years before our funky adventure began.  Funky Fluff was conceived in 2011 when we were both on maternity leave with our 2nd boys.  We both used cloth diapers and had an idea for a new product.  We believed that our idea would help simplify cloth diapering for many parents which was the struggle we were having.  We designed a product that solved our difficulties and wanted to share it with other parents.  We dove right in and learned as we went.  We are still learning every day.

TCB: How did you come up with the idea of Funky Fluff?  How did the unique design of your diaper evolve, and do you still have the original prototypes?

FF:  We both used cloth diapers and tried every brand out there.  We felt that we could give cloth diapering parents something different and very functional.  We wanted to make cloth diapering simple.  There are many systems and many brands on the market.  We wanted to simplify choices and give parents an opportunity to try a few diapering systems in one product before having to commit to one solution which they may or may not like.  We both experienced the confusion and feeling of being overwhelmed ourselves when we first started cloth diapering. We do have the prototypes and even the first sketches!  We joke that we will frame Kathy’s drawings (she is not very artistic).

TCB: We absolutely love your diapers!  For those who may not have experienced Funky Fluff yet, can you tell them what sets your diapers apart?

FF:  The biggest draw to our products is their flexibility.  Funky Fluff can be set up and used as a Pocket style diaper, All in Two diaper or All in One diaper.  It is perfect for new parents as they can experience different cloth diapering systems in one diaper and for CD veterans to use as they please.  Funky Fluff can adjust to any situation.  Moms at home could be perfectly fine using Funky Fluff as an All in Two system but may want to set it up Pocket Style or AIO style for babysitters or daycares to make it simple for them to use. In addition to its flexibility, we offer custom prints and funky snap colour combinations on our solid diapers. Funky Fluff is a one size diaper that fits approximately 7-35 pounds and offers the softest stretchiest fabric we can find for little bottoms.

TCB: Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room.  There is a stigma in the cloth diaper world where internationally manufactured diapers are referred to as “China Cheapies”.  What can you say about the fact that Funky Fluff production takes place in China, and how do you ensure that production continues to meet your high quality standards?  Have there been challenges in dealing with employees in a different country with different culture and labour standards?

FF:  It’s not an elephant in the room at all.  We are very open about our manufacturing practices and proud of how our products are made.  Information about how we manufacture our products is clearly laid out on our site. Let me start by clarifying that not all diapers made overseas are referred to as China Cheapies.  This is a term used for specific types of diapers and accessories that have a certain look, use certain prints and have low price points.  There are quite a few very reputable and respected companies who manufacture cloth diapers outside of North America whether in China, South America, Mexico or otherwise. We are very transparent about our manufacturing processes. All Funky Fluff products are manufactured in China by our trusted partner.  We considered a number of candidates from various countries, but ultimately selected our chosen partner based on the experience and expertise in the industry, regulatory compliance, quality of materials/review of suppliers and cost.  Something we paid particular attention to in overseas manufacturers was working conditions and fair treatment of employees who would make our products. It was also important that we had full access to every step of the production process as well as open communication where we could call, video conference or access them at any point. We are proud to say that our partner has many years of experience and gives us an option of suppliers who offer high quality materials.  Our products are made by individuals who are paid fair wages (significantly exceeding the minimum wage requirement in China), work in a safe and comfortable environment and have an opportunity to take plenty of vacation time to ensure that they are happy and satisfied in their work.  Our sewing partner meets and exceeds all of our requirements and we consider them to be a very well managed company. We are involved in every step of the production process and have been since the beginning.  We worked on the production aspect with our manufacturer for over a year before we officially launched our products in 2012 to ensure our quality standards were met.  We approve and select fabric suppliers, provide input on sewing techniques and methods used in production and approve the product once production is complete. We work with a dedicated team, including a Production Manager and Quality Control Manager who are our eyes and ears on the production floor.   We also take an extra step when our products arrive in Canada and perform a careful quality check on every single product before it is released to a customer. There is a lot of information out there regarding overseas manufacturers not being compliant with Canadian and US regulations and companies selling products in these countries without adhering to regulatory compliance. The regulatory world, as it relates to cloth diapers, is very strict as they are baby/children’s products.  There are different regulations in Canada and the US that companies must adhere to, especially as it relates to product flammability. No matter whether it is a Canadian-made diaper or a diaper made overseas, the end product must be tested to prove that it is compliant with required regulations. Funky Fluff products are tested for lead and phthalate content as per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), as well as the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA).  Although most of the materials we use are exempt from phthalate testing requirements, we went ahead with the testing to ensure our customers can feel confident in our products. We also ensure that our products are compliant with Textile Flammability Regulations in Canada as well as Wearing Apparel Flammability in the U.S.  Many companies only adhere to the U.S. flammability requirements, which are not as stringent as Canadian requirements.  Funky Fluff products are tested according to both countries’ regulations. In addition to everything above, we put our products through physical and mechanical tests according to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. We feel confident in telling our customers that Funky Fluff diapers comply with all the regulations and standards identified in applicable Canadian and U.S. regulations and are safe to use and sell in Canada and U.S. We also provide a Children’s Product Certificate which can be found on our site

TCB:  Like any job, we are sure that there are components of your “work” that you love and others that you don’t.  What are your favorite and least favorite things about working for yourselves?

FF:  The biggest challenge is that we work from the moment we wake up until we go to bed.  Work never ends; we don’t come in at 9am and leave the office at 5pm.  Whether its morning, night, weekend or weekday, we are always working. The best thing about working for ourselves is that we are able to be there more for our kids.  Although work doesn’t end, it is much more flexible.  We can pick up our kids at school, go on field trips and to appointments, and make our schedules work for our families. We also get to do what we absolutely love.  The cloth diapering community and the mompreneur community is incredible and it is wonderful to work among such talented, supportive people, most of whom are women.  Our customers also make it easy for us to love every single minute of what we do.

TCB: How is the workload of running Funky Fluff divided?  Are there ever disagreements between you both?

FF:  We most definitely have our strengths in running Funky Fluff.  Tricia has a creative flair and Kathy is strong in operations.  However, there are only two of us and even though some things are done specifically by one of us, most things are done by us both.  We determine what needs to be accomplished every day and how to divide the work to ensure priority tasks are done.  You will see us both answering customer emails, participate in the Funky Fluff chat group, sending out customer orders.  Funky Fluff is a small business, so we wear many hats. We have lots of discussions about everything that affect the business and we always talk things out and come to an agreement.  We own the company together and we ensure that both of us agree on any decisions affecting the business.  We love working together!

TCB: You have created a network of individuals to help promote the Funky Fluff brand.  Can you tell us about some of the other faces of Funky Fluff?

FF:  Lindsay – our talented Social Media Manager also known as Maman Loup’s Den.  Lindsay has been working with us for over a year now and we absolutely adore her!  You will see Lindsay in all Funky Fluff brand groups and all social media outlets (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).  Lindsay is witty, funny and super smart!  She also has a special talent of coming up with the best names for cloth diapers ever! Olivia – this special lady has been an incredible addition to our little team.  She is helping us out as a Social Media Manager while Lindsay takes some time off with her soon to be little miss cub.  You may also recognize Olivia from My West Coast Mommy, a Canadian blog focused on parenting topics and of course cloth diapers!  We’re really enjoying working with Olivia and look forward to exciting new things we’re brewing up together in the next little while. Lorraine and Tiffany – these ladies are our super duper diaper inspectors, otherwise known as the Funky Fluff Quality Control team.  Their hands touch every single diaper, wet bag, pail liner and every other Funky Fluff product.  You can read more about them here; Our wonderful Ambassadors!  We can’t say enough about how much we love and adore each one of these ladies.  They help us with product launches, give us ideas and feedback on new products and are true Funky Fluff advocates.   You can read more about our Ambassadors here: and Joliane – This special gal is a fairly new addition to the Funky Fluff team.  Joliane looks after our newer wholesale accounts in Canada.  She is originally from Montreal, Quebec and has a beautiful little #funkyfluffian girl.  Joliane is a passionate vegan and loves sharing her recipes on her newly started blog Wool Socks & Blueberries.

TCB: With everything that you do, we noticed that you continue to give back.  Can you tell us about some of the charitable organizations that you work with?

FF:  We try to give back to our community as much as we can.  We regularly donate product to various cloth diaper charities across Canada and US.  It feels amazing to know that we can help families get started in cloth who otherwise couldn’t afford it. We also try to come up with campaigns at least once every year to help raise awareness about Cloth for a Cause.  This year we had the Spread the love campaign, last year we did a series of blogs with partial proceeds from sales going to CFAC.  We donate to auctions and try to be involved as much as we can. Our recently launched Esperanza diaper was designed to support cancer patients and their families.  We donated 50% of proceeds from all sales of this limited edition diaper to the Canadian Cancer Society.   We also offered this diaper at an incredible price to encourage support of this cause.

TCB: Well, it is obvious that you work well together and have created a brand with a HUGE following.  How does it feel to have such passionate followers backing your product?

FF:  We love the fact that we are not on this journey by ourselves!  Having the support and love from all moms and dads who love our products feels amazing.  It gives us encouragement to keep innovating and bringing them more to love.

TCB: Speaking of passionate followers, we asked the members of the Funky Fluff Fan Chat group on Facebook what they wanted to know.  Of course the biggest question is “What’s next?”

FF:  There are lots of exciting things on the horizon for Funky Fluff this year.  But you will have to stay tuned to find out what they are!  This summer will be very exciting 😉


We can’t wait to see what Kathy and Tricia have up their sleeves!  In the meantime, we are currently offering 15% off of all Funky Fluff Diapers at The Cloth Buttique. Click here to shop and use code FFSUMMER at checkout.  Enjoy!

Brand Spotlight-Funky Fluff

Top 10 Reasons for Registering with The Cloth Buttique

1. We offer quality products that have been handpicked, tried and tested by our family.  From car seats to cloth diapers,  we know that you will not only find good use for our products, but you will love them!

2. We offer Boutique products that can’t be found in big box stores.  May we suggest Applecheeks Cloth Diapers (size 1 is perfect for newborns!) or a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling (great for belly support during pregnancy as well)?

3. We offer more than just products! We are here to help you every step of the way, from putting together a great registry to navigating the world of cloth diapers and baby wearing.

4.  We have both an online and a physical store.  This means that you can register and shop with us how you want to!   Whether you prefer the comfort of browsing our online store in your pyjamas, or stopping by for a cup of tea and letting us show you around, we work with you how you work best.  Your friends and family will also love the option of shopping online from afar and having us package your items up for pick-up right in store!

5. You can feel good about supporting a small, family run, local business ’cause we all know that shopping these businesses puts more money into the local economy, making our communities more prosperous and keeping us around for years to come!

6. Get your own, unique URL to your registry, which you can share with friends & family via Facebook, email, etc.

7. We offer free Registry Cards.  Simply add in your URL and pass them on!

8. Gift certificates can be purchased in store or online.  This is a great option for those looking to contribute to a larger gift such as a car seat or a complete cloth diaper stash!

9. When registered with The Cloth Buttique, we will extend our Return/Exchange policy to 30 days past your event date.

10. Upon expiry of your registry, receive a single-use coupon for 10% off your next purchase.  This is a great way to secure any items that you may not have received.

Want to create a registry with us?  Simply contact us and we will get you started!  

Top 10 Reasons for Registering with The Cloth Buttique

Top 5 Uses of The Little Green Pouch

I have to admit, when I first encountered The Little Green Pouch, I was less than enthusiastic.  I mean, how much applesauce can you really feed to your kids to justify this purchase?  Soon afterwards, I began to see the emergence of similar reusable food pouches on the market, along with a showering of pre-filled food pouches in our local supermarkets and box stores.  Call me a late adopter, but it wasn’t until a few months later that I really “got it”-these pouches could be used for sooooo much more than just applesauce!

After a ton of research on “the best” pouch, we finally settled on The Little Green Pouch, and haven’t been disappointed.  Unlike other reusable pouches, this one has a large opening at the top of the pouch, preventing any messes during or after filling the pouch.  It is BPA, PVC and phthalate-free, freezable and dishwasher-safe.

Below are just a few of our favorite uses for The Little Green Pouch, along with some baby and kid-tested recipes!

1.  Fruit Purees-I’m not talking applesauce here.  I am talking about gourmet, homemade fruit purees that can’t be purchased on a commercial level.  Kid candy.  Some of our favorite fruit purees include mango-peach and blueberry-banana.  Simply place soft fruits in a blender or food processor, blend and pour.  Hard fruits such as apples can be steamed prior to pureeing.

HINT: Bananas puree wonderfully and can thicken a runny fruit puree. The also add sweetness without any refined sugars.

2.  Yogurt-We love the large spout of these pouches.  Unlike other reusable pouches, fruit yogurt does not get “stuck”.

HINT: Mix Greek Yogurt in The Little Green Pouch with any fruit puree (see above).  Squish to mix for a delicious and filling snack.

3.  Smoothies-Smoothies are a nutritious snack for both kids and parents alike.  We fill our blender, make large batches and freeze the leftovers in The Little Green Pouch for quick snacks that double as ice-packs on road trips or in school lunches.


1 cup vanilla flavored almond milk

1 cup vanilla flavored yogurt

1/2 cup 100% pure fruit juice (any variety)

3 cups fresh or frozen fruit (any variety)-we love frozen mixed berries and bananas

Blend, pour, serve & freeze.

4.Baby Food-There’s nothing tastier to a baby than homemade baby food!  Store and freeze in The Little Green Pouch for ease of use and transportation for your littlest family member

RECIPE-Pork Tenderloin with Apricots (a fabulous source of iron)

1 pork tenderloin, silver skin removed

12 dried apricots

1-1.5 cups water

Steam tenderloin and apricots until pork is cooked through and apricots are tender (approx. 15-20 minutes).  Place in food processor or blender and puree, gradually adding water from steaming until desired consistency is reached.  Pour and freeze.

5. Breast Milk-If you have ever pumped and stored breast milk, you have likely cried over spilled milk at least once or twice.  The Little Green Pouch is a great storage vessel for breast milk due to it’s sturdy construction-the bag will actually stand up as you fill it.  Thaw your frozen milk in The Little Green Pouch under hot water, and the handy spout ensures that this liquid gold ends up right where you want it.  Better yet, unlike other milk storage bags, this one is reusable!

Top 5 Uses of The Little Green Pouch

Boba vs. Tula

Perhaps the question that we hear more than any other is “What is the difference between a Boba [4G] and a Tula carrier?”

To an untrained eye, there isn’t much difference.  We could even venture to say that a customer who goes home with either of these carriers would be a happy customer. But, we’re not here to help you find a great fit-we’re here to help you find the perfect fit!  So, in a world of informed decision making, we’re here to point out the differences between these two carriers in order to help you choose a carrier that is perfect for both you and your family.

Beginning with the basics, Boba 4G and Tula carriers are perhaps the most highly rated soft structured carriers of all time.  Both are designed of sturdy cotton canvas and high quality snaps,  belts and buckles.  So what are the differences?

The most obvious differences between these two carriers is the fact that Tula offers both a standard and a toddler sized carrier, where the Boba 4G comes in only one size.  Besides sizing, the next most apparent difference is in the shape.  Tula carriers are slightly shorter and slightly wider than the Boba 4G.  There is additional padding in the shoulder straps of the Tula.  Additionally, the strap adjustments are on one side of the Tula Carrier as opposed to in the middle of the Boba 4G.

Tula buckle adjustments on side.                Extra shoulder and leg padding on Tula.

When it comes to colors and prints, Boba and Tula both raise the bar in terms of fashion, in my opinion.  Boba has a wide range of prints and solids with their offering remaining quite steady over time.  On the other hand, Tula’s design selection is ever-changing, which is likely one of the contributing factors to their phenomenal resale value.

The following series of pictures demonstrate the slight differences in fit between these carriers.  Note that the child being work is 32 lbs, which falls within the recommended weight ranges of the Boba 4G and both the Standard and Toddler Tula Carriers.

Boba  4G


Standard Tula


Toddler Tula

image1.jpg          image2-1.jpg           image3-1.jpg

Finally, the following table summarizes some of the less obvious differences between these carriers and will hopefully allow you to make a more informed decision about what carrier is best suited for you and your family.

Boba 4G Tula Ergonomic Carrier
Origin China.  Strict Labour Laws and Fair Work Ethics are enforced. Poland or Mexico.  Each carrier is hand-made by one seamstress from start to finish.
Safety Standards Meets or exceeds all ASTM F-2236, EN13209-2 and CPSIA baby carrier standards or requirements. Complies with the European Norm EN 13209- 2:2006.
Sizing Fits 0-48 months; 7-45 lbs. Standard: Fits 15-45 lbs (8+ lbs with Tula Infant Insert)
Toddler: Fits 25-50 lbs
Fit Comfortably fits 5’0″ to 6’3″.
Waist Band Range: 25″-58″
Approximate waist range (measured on-site):

Standard: 27.5″-55″

Toddler: 27.5″-59″

Accessories Comes with integrated infant insert, removable foot straps and sleeping hood.

Stuff sack and teething pads sold separately.

Comes with sleeping/sun hood.

Infant insert and Free-to-Grow conversion sold separately

Other Features
  • Breastfeeding buckle
  • Purse Holders
  • Smartphone Pocket
  • Hood Pocket
  • Pockets on hip belt
Price $144.50-$149.50 CAD Standard: From $169.99 CAD

Toddler: From $189.99 CAD

Warranty One year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

So which carrier is right for you?  When it comes down to it, the only way to determine the very best fit is to try out both carriers.  We are more than happy to assist you in fitting both carriers in store and would happily answer any questions that you may have by phone or email if you are unable to make it in to try them on.  Happy Baby Wearing!

Boba vs. Tula

Winter Car Seat Safety

Winter is nearly upon us.  Every year around this time, I remind fellow parents about the dangers of heavy winter clothing and car seats.  I do it not to be condescending, but I do it because this is a danger that never even crossed my mind as a new parent.  So what is the danger?

Car seats are designed to keep our little ones safe and secure in the even of a collision.  Car seats are designed, however, to work with minimal clothing between your child and the safety harnesses.  When bundled in heavy winter clothing in a car seat, your child’s risk of being ejected from their seat in the event of a collision is significantly increased.  This is because any additional heavy clothing or aftermarket products underneath your child or between your child and the harness can compress in a crash and introduce slack to the system that is supposed to be securing your child into the seat.  Furthermore, much clothing designed for winter warmth is made of “slippery” material, further increasing risk of ejection with a crash.


These first images show a child securely fastened into an infant car seat with the addition of a heavy jacket.  Notice that the harness is correctly tightened to allow no more than 2 fingers between the child and the harness straps.


Now note in this next series of images, the significant gap left when the heavy jacket is removed and the harness straps are not adjusted.  In the event of a collision, the heavy jacket could compress and the baby could be ejected from the seat due to this slack in the system.

So, knowing the dangers, what are the recommendations to keep our children both safe AND warm this winter?  Transport Canada advises against the use of heavy winter clothing and third party aftermarket products such as head support cushions, padded seat bags, seat belt adjustors or additional padding behind the child in a car seat.  They state that “in no case should any product be used that interferes with the proper positioning and adjustment of the child restraint harness or other safety features of the car seat. To be sure it is best to consult with the manufacturer of the car seat before using any aftermarket product.”  They go on to advise that any aftermarket product produced by the restraint manufacturer for use with their products have been tested with their products and are acceptable for use with their products.”

So what can you do?

First and foremost, ensure that there is minimal clothing between your child and their harness, no matter what type of car seat they are using.  Refrain from placing anything underneath your child in their car seat.  When secured correctly, no more than 2 fingers should fit between your child and their harness, and you should be unable to “pinch” the harness strap.  Once you are sure that they are safely secured, you can then focus on keeping them warm using one or more of the following methods.

Warm Up Vehicle-By ensuring the interior of your vehicle is warm prior to placing the child in the vehicle, you will reduce the need for additional clothing to keep your child warm during travel.

Cover Child and Seat with a Blanket-This will warm the child without interfering with the tightness of the harness system.

Place Child’s Jacket on Backwards after Securing Child In Seat-This allows for warm transport to and from vehicle, and allows the parent to remove the jacket once the child is in the vehicle.

Use a Car Seat Poncho or Similar Product-These are great for mobile children in convertible car seats.  You can see exactly how they work here.

Use a Shower-Cap Style Car Seat Cover-These are a perfect solution for infant car seats.  They fit over the entire car seat without interfering with the harness system, and can easily be opened up once child is within the warm vehicle.  Our favourite style is the 7 a.m. Enfant Cocoon, which is available at The Cloth Buttique.

If you have any further questions regarding the safety of your child in their car seat, we recommend visiting your nearest Car Seat Clinic or Certified Car Seat Technician.

Winter Car Seat Safety

Ditching Disposables-All About Reusable Swim Diapers

Well summer has pretty much passed us by and long days at the beach are coming to an end!  Swimming lesson season is almost upon us, and there is no better time than now to consider investing in something more eco friendly, economical and cute to adorn your little one’s bum while at the pool!  Whether you are a seasoned cloth diapering superstar or just thinking about dipping your toe into the world of cloth diapering starting with the swim diaper, we are here to answer all of your questions!

Most pools require the use of swim diapers for children that have not yet potty trained.  Like disposable swim diapers, reusable swim diapers are designed to hold in any solid wastes (poop), while allowing liquids (pee and water) to flow through freely.  But are you really ready to take the leap and ditch the disposables?  Let us guide you through some of the common questions that we receive regarding the use of reusable swim diapers.

“How do they work?”

The premise is simple.  Created of two layers of permeable mesh, they hold poops in and let pees out.  Most people are shocked to hear that these diapers allow their little ones’ urine to flow freely out of the diaper, but the reality is that disposable swim diapers do the same.  I guess we should all listen to our mothers when they tell us not to drink the pool water!

“Do I need to use an insert?”

No.  Reusable swim diapers do not require an insert, and we actually recommend against the use of inserts with swim diapers.  Adding an absorbent insert to your swim diapers will allow liquids (urine and water) to be held within the diaper, which can weigh your child down, allowing them to be water-logged and creating safety hazard, especially in little ones that are not yet strong swimmers.

“Can I just use a regular reusable diaper cover?”

Although we don’t like to tell you what to do, the simple answer to this one is no.  Reusable diaper covers that are not intended for swimming are designed to hold in liquids.  As above, we do not want a swim diaper to hold in liquids as it will pose a safety risk for your child.  Furthermore, a swim diaper that holds in liquids can actually function as a “poop bomb” should your child poop while in the water.  Think of it this way-the diaper is full of liquid when your child decides to have a #2 in the water.  Since the diaper is already full, the introduction of the solid wastes will require something to be displaced from the diaper to create more room.  Sometimes it is water that is displaced, and other times it’s the poop itself!  Finally, regular cloth diapers and reusable swim diapers are not created equal.  Swim diapers are often constructed with different types of elastics that can withstand the prolonged exposure to water, chlorine and other elements inherent to the water.

“Can I use a delaminated diaper cover?”

This one is a bit harder to answer.  We believe that a delaminated diaper cover should be used ONLY if it allows liquids to pass thoroughly freely as a completely permeable barrier between your child and the water.  Partially delaminated diapers should never be used as swim diapers due to the safety risk posed along with the potential of these diapers to hold liquids in, causing potential for solids to be projected out in the event of a bowel movement.

“Will the swim diaper hold in liquid or Exclusive Breastfed (EBF) poops?”

Yes, the swim diapers that we offer are designed to hold in EBF poop.

“What size should I buy?”

Both our Applecheeks and AMP swim diapers have estimated weight ranges, with options to fit from 6-38+ lbs.  We do recommend following the manufacturer’s sizing guide even though this may mean that your child may fit a different size of reusable swim diaper than disposable swim diaper, cloth diaper or disposable diaper.

If we have convinced you that now is the time to  try one of our Reusable Swim Diapers, stop by 210 Main St. N. in Dauphin or visit us online at and let us hook you up!  Also check out our huge selection of wet bags, which are a perfect companion to every Reusable Swim Diaper!

Ditching Disposables-All About Reusable Swim Diapers

Grand Opening

t has been a long haul getting to this point, but we have FINALLY pinned down a date for the Grand Opening of our store at 210 Main St. N in Dauphin.  We will be hosting our Grand Opening event in conjunction with the Dauphin Chamber of Commerce Annual Street Fair & Dance, which also marks the beginning of Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival.  So mark your calendars for July 31st, share this event and be sure to bring down your entire family!

Grand Opening